Going Tubular!

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Master the skills and mindset you need to remove creative roadblocks and unleash your design potential!

Learn from Master Goldsmith

Kent Raible

Unleash your creative design potential! Learn how to make your own tubing in many shapes and sizes for multiple bezels, hinges and more! Learn to seat and set both faceted and cabochon stones, including more advanced bezel setting techniques for difficult sharp cornered gems, high-domed cabs and more. 


In this self-guided course, I will show you how to make and use tubing for your one of a kind jewelry creations, from design, to bezel settings, hinges, and more! Together, we will explore the creative and practical uses of self-made tubing, while refining your fabrication skills and exploring a different approach to jewelry design. 


It is my intention to help you raise the bar when it comes to making stunning, innovative pieces, and I’ve designed this course to speed up your learning curve,  help you break through some of your  technical and design hurdles,  and reach into your limitless creative potential.

Module 1



Duration: 50m

In the first Module we make three tubes as a foundation for creating the bezels and hinges that we will use in subsequent modules.

Module 3

Advanced Bezel Setting

Duration: 38m

Here we explore the next level of difficulty in bezel setting - bezels with sharp corners and setting high-dome, steep-sided cabs tightly and securely.

Module 2

Basic KR Bezel Setting

Duration: 28m

In this module you will learn how to use burrs to make perfect seats and then how to professionally set both round and square gemstones! 

Module 4



Duration: 50m

The fabrication skills go up another notch, as you learn to make a tight, and delicate hinge using the tube within a tube method. This hinge system is great for making opening bails, lockets, and other uses.

BONUS Module 5

Creating Swivels


Duration: 12m

I show you a fun way to add movement to your  designs: SWIVELS!

With Master Goldsmith & Visionary Kent Raible

Supplies needed for success! 


This fabrication course is designed for the advanced beginner to professional level jewelers who wish to increase their hand fabrication skills so they can make more creative and unique work! To get the most out of this course, you will need a strong foundation in the basic bench skills of sawing, filing and soldering. 


Expand  the first Frequently Asked Question below for information on the tools and materials needed. Once enrolled, you will receive a detailed tools and materials list along with our suppliers' discount codes just for our students! 


We’ve added an extra month to your access period! Now you have plenty of time to get set up and get going while waiting for your tools to arrive!

Who doesn't love new tools?

Bending block and cylinders used to form the tubes

Frequently Asked Questions

Going Tubular Tools & Materials List

How much time will the work for each module take?

Can you provide more details about what I will learn in each module?

How long do I have access to the course for?

Will I get to keep the class materials?

Do I have to be a goldsmith to take this course?

How do I know if the class is right for me?

What if I find this course is not a good fit for me?

What if I want to ask Kent a question? 

A teacher shows you how to do it,

a master opens up an entirely different

set of possibilities.

For me, Kent opened up those possibilities.

Sharona Wolff

Jewlery Designer

The format of this course is just about perfect for learning from a master such as Kent Raible (short of Kent standing over your shoulder in YOUR studio!) 

I have felt so privileged to take this class, I truly, truly enjoyed it.

Vicki Stone


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I appreciated the class and how much I have learned.  I cannot express how much it help me and I feel you gave me back my creativity.

Mary Bibb

Jewlery Designer



Hi, I'm Kent Raible


I’ve been discovering the wonder of metals for over 50 years now, and have developed my own style of granulated 18K gold jewelry, but this journey has encompassed much more than that!  In addition to the creation of countless masterpieces, I have also been teaching the jewelry arts for over 4 decades. The art of precision handmade jewelry fabrication is my first love, and over the years I have learned a million tricks, tool and design options and skills, all of which I want to share with you! You can check out my work here.


I have streamlined my knowledge so that I can offer you a direct route to up-level your skills in specific areas of jewelry fabrication. Your palette of skills to draw from is about to get bigger! You will be able to dive deeper into the creative manipulation of metal and create more beautifully executed and complex designs. These videos are designed to improve your technical prowess, and enhance your creative abilities.


Your success is our goal.

By signing up, you’re raising your hand to grow your skills.  If you show up and do this work, I know you’ll walk away with more insight, confidence and technical knowledge to create the pieces you envision.


Going Tubular

Master the skills and mindset you need to remove creative roadblocks and unleash your design potential!

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